Getting Crafty: Soap Making

by melathome

There are different ways of making homemade soap and some are more technical than others. We suggest starting with the ‘melt and pour’ method, that couldn’t be simpler, to produce something as elegant as any store. It’s also fuss free enough to do as a children’s activity.

Melt and Pour Milk and Honey Soap

This soap uses a crystal soap base which means the saponification process has already taken place. It is simply melted down and then we’ve added honey and some jojoba oil to make it more luxurious and nourishing. You can add other ingredients, fragrances and colours such as oats or salt to create an exfoliating soap or essential oils so it smells like a spa.


1kg Melt and Pour Crystal Soap Base – we used a goats milk variety

75ml runny honey

30ml jojoba oil

a silicone soap mold – we used this one with bees

a large microwaveable bowl

an old wooden spoon


1. Roughly cut the Melt and Pour Soap base and place in a large bowl. You can do this in a Bain Marie if you don’t have a microwave. Place the bowl in the microwave for 2 minutes and then check. Microwave for additional bursts of 20 seconds until entirely melted and liquid. The mixture shouldn’t boil

2. Pour in the honey and jojoba oil and mix well

3. Pour into your silicone mold

4. Leave to set for around 2 hours, but it depends on your mold.

Enjoy or gift your fabulous homemade soap!

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