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Japanese Rinka Plate 17cm


Sculptural plates that add modern elegance to any tablescape or dressing table. Entirely handcrafted in Japan at the Keneko Kohyo workshop, founded in 1921.

  • 17cm
  • Ceramic
  • Glazed
  • Handcrafted
  • Made in Japan by the Kaneko Kohyo workshop
  • Handwash recommended although dishwasher safe
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Founding of the Kohyo Kiln

Kaneko Kohyo ceramics was founded in 1921, when Ito Kohyo chose the site for the original kilns at the top of a small mountain near Toki City, Gifu Prefecture.
The Toki area had been long famed for its fine casting methods making various items for shrines and family altars. In the early years, the company produced mostly Buddhist effigies. After the war, Ito Kohyo’s son, Terumi, took over the family business, and as Japan’s economy expanded, he too expanded the lines of new products that required fine casting. He realized that pubs, bars and restaurants required tokkuri sake pouring bottles for the serving of hot sake, and soon orders for the quality items flooded in, with orders peaking in the early 70’s at around 130,000 pieces per month, or an annual average of 1.6 million pieces. At the time, Nagasaki’s Hasami kiln was recognized as the nation’s top tokkuri maker, however, the Kohyo kiln soon surpassed its production figures to become the world’s top producer of tokkuri.


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