Paper Marbling

by melathome

Paper Marbling is great way of using a simple technique to create sophisticated designs that can be used for wrapping presents, making cards, covering books or even photograph your design and use it digitally. We’ve listed all the materials you will need. 

Super Simple Paper Marbling – great for all the family


a large tray or dish with deep sides

inks for marbling (available online)

A4 paper or paper that will fit your tray

a paint brush handle / wooden spoon handle / skewer


1. Fill your tray with water

2. Add drops of the ink to the surface 

3. Use a paint brush handle / wooden spoon handle / skewer to swirl the inks into a pattern

4. Carefully place the paper on the surface of the water, being careful not to submerge it

5. Peel the paper off the surface and then place on newspaper to dry

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