HOW TO: The Art of Tablescaping

by melathome

Tablescaping has gone from being a made up word to becoming an absolute art form. It is the transformation of a simple dining table into a complete visual feast for your eyes that has turned us all into party planners. No longer are we troubled by our soufflés rising and creme brûlée’s setting, instead it’s about creating an eye catching table with clever details that make everyone declare their host or hostess may actually be that domestic god or goddess we’ve all heard so much about.

The key to success is to think of it as getting dressed. If you would wear your leopard print trousers with your dusty pink cardigan then chances are the leopard tablecloth will look great with the blush linen napkins your bought in the market on holiday last year. Think colour tones rather than worrying about having enough of one set, it will just look more creative.

These essential tips should get you started:

  1. Plan your table in advance of the occasion so you have time to think of even more details to add, more is definitely more when it comes to tablescaping.
  2. Choose a tablecloth to act as your ground and set the tone. Think sumptuous extravagance. In my view plain is a cop out!
  3. Layer placemats, napkins and plates upon plates to create layers of depth and texture and don’t be afraid to not be matchy- matchy.
  4. Add flowers at different heights. Taller ones aligned down the centre and small bud vases around the bases in a haphazard way so the table looks interesting and less uniform.
  5. Place taper candles symmetrically around the table and smaller votives around the name cards, that should also have character.
  6. Add quirky occasion specific details, such as foliage, pumpkins or even pomegranates nestled amongst the candles and flowers
  7. Most of all make it your own. There is no right or wrong so let it simply be an expression of YOU and that will mean it is truly glorious!

We would love to see your tablescapes! Tag us on instagram @melathomeltd

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