HOW TO: Create a Welcoming Guest Room

by melathome

To make your guests feel welcome their bedroom needs to feel like home from home. Create a space that can be enjoyed in a relaxed way and where all the obvious needs are already met so your guests don’t need to ask for anything.

Our guest bedroom essentials: 


“I always put fresh flowers in my guest bedroom” says Mel, “not only do they add fragrance, they also show my friends just how excited I am that they’ve come to visit”.


Smell is so important to our experience so a scented candle or reed diffuser is a great way to add something special to your guest room (and don’t forget to add a box of matches). 

Tuck Box

Your guests may not want to ask for every little snack so a sweet treat to add is a ‘tuck box’ that has crisps, some chocolate, some biscuits and is essentially an in-room mini bar.  


So your guest can choose what they prefer, put two firm and two soft pillows on the bed and have an extra blanket on hand for chilly nights.

Bedside Table

Have a carafe of water and glass on the table and this is a great place to leave the wifi password. A thoughtful detail is to arrange a small pile of books beside the bed. They could be fiction or non fiction but aim to choose quirky titles that will be interesting.    


We may live in a digital age but its always good to have a pen and paper available.

Beauty Basics

A dressing table with a mirror and a hairdryer slipped into the drawer will mean even if there isn’t an en suite bathroom your guest can get ready.

Last one

Everyone likes a handy phone charger available.

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