Do Dogs Make Us Happy?

by melathome

Humans and their dogs have had a special relationship and bond for thousands of years so no wonder they are so in tune with us and considered part of the family when we have one (or two or three).

It has been proven that dog owners have less stress and patting them can release the oxytocin hormone that’s linked to that warm and fuzzy feeling and also has influence over our emotional responses enhancing positive communications, trust, empathy and love. On that basis who wouldn’t want a furry friend beside them to make them happy?

Dogs love our attention and affection and we identified these signs as sure indicators that you and your pet have a strong bond:

  1. LEANING: when your dog leans on you or rests their head on you it means they feel completely connected, safe and secure with you.
  2. AFFECTION: when your dog comes to you for attention during the day it means they’re looking for a little love from you (that’s, of course, presuming you’ve given them their breakfast).
  3. GIFTS: yes, when you come in the door and your dog runs off to find something special to show you they’re really saying ‘now you’re going to love me even more because I am so clever’.
  4. GAZING: when your dog gazes into your eyes, that is simply LOVE!
  5. LICKS: you may not like a slobbery lick from your fur baby but it means they love you and consider you part of their pack, just as their mother licked them they are now licking you.

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